Wireless PAN DHCP Server

With so many stories about ransomware, malware, and data breaches in the news, it’s hard to not get at least a little bit paranoid when looking through your system files. It’s not uncommon to feel a moment of panic when you see a strange file lurking on your computer. Sure, you have your antivirus and antimalware programs running, but as we all know, sometimes these programs aren’t foolproof. So, what do you do when you see Wireless PAN DHCP Server. What is this, and how does it affect your computer and network?

What Is PanDhcpDns.exe?
You may see this file in your computer and be unsure of exactly what it does. This file is the Wireless PAN DHCP Server from Intel that is installed along with the Software Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi and Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless for Bluetooth + High Speed services. These are suites used by IT professionals for creating and managing network profiles, among other tasks. If you have these suites installed, it’s not uncommon for you to have this file on your computer.

PAN DHCP Server Errors
In some cases, maybe you didn’t just come across the file but you get a popup notifying you of an error with this file. What causes an error and how do you resolve these problems?

If the file has been erased or corrupted in some way, an error may occur. Uninstall the old version and reinstall from a reputable source to solve the problem. Drivers may be out of date, which would require an update to resolve the problem. You may also be affected by malware or spyware.

When PAN DHCP Server Errors Are Caused by Malware
If you’re receiving an error message and your computer is running slowly, locking up, or otherwise performing differently than usual, you may have a virus or malware. Use your antivirus and antimalware programs to perform a complete scan and resolve any issues that are found.

It is also possible that a similarly named file has been added to your computer. Carefully evaluate all files and delete any PAN DHCP Server files that do not match up, as this could be malicious files. Remember, always make sure to download from reputable sites and always keep your cybersecurity programs up to date. Failure to do so can result in an infection of your system, which leads to time and money wasted and puts your data at risk.

In most cases, you shouldn’t have any issues with PAN DHCP Server Errors. If you do, the file is missing or corrupted most of the time, which is an easy fix. If after installation you’re still experiencing errors, check to make sure that you do not have any malicious files on your computer that are contributing to the problem.