What is an SSID?

SSID is the technical term for the name of the wireless network. SSID Stands for Service Set Identifier. This is how you are able to distinguish your wireless connection from your neighbors when browsing the connections on your device.

The Maximum length for an SSID is 32 characters in length. SSIDs are case sensitive and they allow for alphanumeric characters a well as underscores, periods and dashes to be used in the name.

Should I Hide my SSID?

You may find that your router has a setting to hide the SSID of the network. This setting will prevent the SSID of the router from being broadcast. This means that your wireless network will not appear when searching for a connection and you will need to manually enter the connection name or SSID to connect.

You should not rely on hiding your SSID as a security measure. Hiding the SSID of your wireless network sometimes considered less secure because devices connecting to the hidden network will broadcast the name anyway. Hiding your SSID will not make your wireless network any more secure, you should set a WPA2 password to secure your wireless network.