What is a Mesh Wifi Network?

You may hear the word mesh being used when looking into various wifi options. You might have wondered what exactly mesh means and how it will affect your wifi performance.

When the word mesh is used with wifi it simply means the router also includes one or several wireless repeaters. To setup a mesh wifi network you will first setup the router near your modem or internet connection. Then you will need to strategically place the repeaters in your house. Place them far enough from the bast station that they do not cause interference but close enough so that they can still pick up a wireless signal from the router. You might want to place them close to places where you frequently use wireless devices to maximize performance.

Recommended Mesh Wifi Router

There are a number of choices when it comes to choosing a mesh wireless router. I have always had very good luck with Ubiquiti devices and the mesh router I would recommend is the Unifi Amplifi HD Router. This router is very easy to configure and will provide you with fast and reliable internet throughout a large house.