TP Link Archer D2

When online surfing the web, watching movies or videos, or downloading media, there is nothing more frustrating than having an inconsistent or underpowered Internet connection. However, you can have a reliable, strong connection for an affordable price. If you have been shopping in hopes of upgrading your router, consider the TP-Link Archer D2.

Router Overview

The TP-Link Archer D2 actually provides users with two options. You can use the device as a DSL modem or as a Wi_Fi router. So in effect, the Archer functions in both wired and wireless modes. As a DSL modem, the unit accepts both LAN lines or a jumper cable from a cable modem. However you choose to use the router, you reap the benefit of enjoying full bandwidth capabilities. The router successfully provides service over two channels. At 2.4 GHz the device functions at 300 Mbps. At 5 GHz, the Archer transmits at a rate of 433 Mbps. The extra power givers the D2 somewhat of an edge compared to many more expensive competitors. The D2 has been called the Gigabit port. The device’s exceptional performance is due in part to having 802.11ac standard support, which makes the Archer up to three time fast than conventional models.

The router measures 9.0 x 6.3 x 1.5 inches (229 x 160 x 37 millimeters) and is encased in a durable, glossy black case. Three detachable antennas also bend or rotate, which enables set-up just about anywhere. Place the router on a desk, a table, under a shelf or on a wall. The bottom of the unit also comes equipped with grip-fast feet that ensure the router remains stable.

You can easily set-up the TP-Link Archer using the included mini-CD and the easy-to-follow instruction sheet. The back of the router features:

• ADSL port
• 2.0 USB port
• WPS button
• Wi-Fi on/off button
• Reset button
• LAN1, LAN 2, LAN 3, LAN 4/WAN ports
• Power on/off button
• Power jack port

Once you finish setting up the device, the white indicator lights for the ADSL, LAN, Internet, USB, wireless, and power illuminate. Equipped with intelligent auto-detection, the D2 immediately establishes the correct connection without the need to enter information. You then need to merely visit the website at the link provided by the instructions to configure the router as desired.

The USB port enables you to share a printer with multiple devices. The port enables file and media sharing from home or through the ftp server when at a different locations. The router has 1 Gigabit WAN port and 4 Gigabit LAN ports. The unit can handle download and upload at speeds of up to 1 Gbps. The Archer also has beamforming technology that ensures each of your devices effectively receives focused Internet signals, which improves overall connectivity. This is made possible by the power amplifiers contained within the technology of the router that act to increase signal strength while ensuring a consistent transmission beam.

Additional features include the option for parents to control connections to certain devices. The safety provisions for guest connections have been raised. Users also have the ability to program desired restrictions. The device regularly performs a system of checks and balances that regulate and optimize connections. However, users can also manually control the bandwidth for different devices in order to enhance connection speed and function. As communities across the country make the decision to offer or convert to IPv6 Internet, you will be ready. The TP-Link Archer D2 comes equipped with the protocol technology to support the transformation.

The Archer D2 has backward compatibility and functions on devices using Windows XP/Vista/7 or 8, Linux or Mac OS. The device also recognizes Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Safari web browsers. Ideal for typical households, the Archer not only offers the chance to improve current connectivity, but also has the potential to offer continued service with future Internet connection upgrades. For the money, functionality and performance, the D2 is a worthwhile investment. TP-Link remains a credible company that produces quality products that do not disappoint.

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