D-Link DIR-895 Review

The Outside

For people who want a traditional appearance, the DLink DIR-895 might not be the right router. Admittedly, it looks like it scuttled out of the mind of George Lucas or J.J. Abrams. Either way, the red exterior and eight antennas make the DIR895 look like something from the future. It features sharp lines and makes an imposing appearance. The router almost resembles a futuristic crab.

The Inside

It may look like a crustacean, but users will be far from crabby when they experience the superior Wi-Fi connectivity of the DIR895. The DLink router is build with a fast, powerful 1.4 GHz Dual Core Processor. This processor makes the DIR895 fast with both wired and wireless devices. Smart Connect technology revolutionizes Wi-Fi connections by finding the fastest Wi-Fi speed for every device. Another great feature of the DIR895 is the Advanced AS SmartBeam, which provides individual bursts of bandwidth throughout a location. With SmartBeam, dead spots are eliminated, and everyone who has ever lost signal while streaming or gaming will appreciate consistently available bandwidth.

What Users Gain

The DIR895 offers simultaneous Tri-Band connectivity. For the purposes of media streaming, gaming, and general efficiency, the three bands deliver high volumes of data. One band offers 2.4 Ghz, while the other two promise 5 Ghz each. The 2.4 Ghz band is ideal for Internet surfing, sharing printers on a network, and video streaming with Skype. The 5 GHz bands are tailor-made for streaming media in HD and online gaming, two areas where lag ruins the experience of the user. Users gain flexibility by being able to create a seamless network of multiple devices that function optimally with optimal bandwidth availability.

Features and Updates

The DLink DIR-895’s new interface is easy to use, and although updates can take a long time to download, they are accessible 24/7. The router comes with parental controls, access restrictions, and guest networks. DLink’s features allow users to monitor and control access to the network they create with the DIR-895. Parental controls help keep young users from going too far afield. Access controls and guest networks help limit users on the network and give guests some freedom to join the powerful Wi-Fi of the DIR-895. A free app from DLink is a great addition. Mydlink SharePort lets users stream and share media from tablets and smartphones. Also, the DIR-895 can be managed from tablets and mobile devices, making it easy to keep an eye on the router from any location.

Good for Groups

The DIR-895 is efficient for the home, but it also works for the home office or small business. With simultaneous multi-user MIMO (multiple input/multiple output) technology, DLink’s new router facilitates data transmissions to multiple groups over its Wi-Fi connections. This promises efficiency at play—games, media streaming, online surfing—and at work—file sharing, data transfers.

The Cost

The DIR-895 is new for 2015, having been revealed at the most recent Consumer Electronics Show. With a market debut in the second quarter of the year, the DIR-895 was a big reveal early in the year. DLink prices the router just north of $300.

For the casual user, the price may be a drawback. If a simple router is sufficient to meet a user’s online and streaming needs, they may balk at the cost of DLink’s Ultra Performance line. However, if users are heavily into streaming, gaming, and sharing media across multiple platforms with multiple users, the features and performance of the DIR-895 more than justify the cost of the router.

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