TP Link Archer D7


    The majority of home and small business owners probably do not consider replacing the router supplied by an Internet service provider. However, by not investing in an upgrade, you deny yourself the many extended features and enhanced performance that a consumer grade router provides. The TP-Link Archer D7 is an affordable, sophisticated little device that has the capability of providing a more consistent connection at a price that is much less than many comparable models. Typically, a factory model D9 is designed to provide a wireless Wi-Fi Internet connection. However, for a little extra, you can upgrade the device to

    TP Link Archer AC2600


    TP-Link is one of the global providers of networking products and recently introduced the Archer AC2600 router. The dual-band device was designed to handle the wireless networking demands of homes or small businesses. The Archer AC2600 has the advanced technology needed to support multiple wireless devices simultaneously and effectively.

    TP Link Archer C2


    Touchscreen capability has quickly become common place across many different technological devices. In addition to smartphones and tablets, touchscreens are now available on routers, which makes configuring and managing networks possible without the need to use a PC. TP Link recently introduced the affordable Touch P5 AC 1900 Wi-Fi Gigabit Router. Equipped with a 4.3 capacitative, top-mounted touchscreen, the router provides quick and easy access to a wide range of controls that may be used in combination with standard, browser-based management consoles. The unit additionally allows file sharing, has media server settings, print servers, enables wireless configuration and WPS matching

    TP Link Archer C9


    The TPLink Archer C9 is designed for high bandwidth speeds, wide-ranging wireless connectivity and seamless management of networks through a savvy mobile application. While the price is slightly higher than its counterparts, it is definitely worth it. It makes streaming videos and online gaming an enjoyable experience with absolutely no hiccups.