Linksys E1200 Review


    The Linksys E1200 is a basic wireless router well suited for surfing the web and printing wirelessly in the home. This router incorporates five Ethernet ports and meets IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi requirements and offers a data throughput of 300Mbps. It offers backwards compatibility for Wireless G devices. The E1200 is packaged with the router, user guide, setup software, Ethernet cable, and power adapter. The minimum system requirements are an internet browser and a wireless network enabled PC or Mac with CD/DVD drive.

    Linksys EA6900 Review


    The Linksys EA 6900 router was designed to handle multiple simultaneous connections with dual-band capability that ensures users get uninterrupted streaming. The unit is perfect for larger homes needing connectivity for various types of equipment. Gone are the days of Wi-Fi dead spots with a device that provides strong signal even in multiple floor scenarios.

    Linksys EA8500 Review


    The Linksys EA8500 Max-Stream AC2600 MU-MIMO Smart Wi-Fi router is the first router to use Qualcomm's MU/EFX Wi-Fi technology, which is supposed to have better performance for a crowded Wi-Fi network, which is becoming a common issue in households these days.

    Linksys EA9200 Review


    The Linksys EA9200 scores top points for its ultra-fast Internet speed, dedicated and powerful signal strength, and a compact design that fits just about any place. Priced higher than some of its counterparts, it is perfect for any site where multiple connections need to be managed.

    Linksys EA4500 Review


    The Linksys EA4500 is a sleek router that offers a number of unique features aimed at improving networking. While far from being a robust router, it is an economical device designed primarily for the average home user looking to get decent performance from a router that is easy to use. Cisco also introduced the Cisco Connect Cloud software with the release of the Linksys EA4500, which is an excellent software that seeks to improve home networking experience.

    Linksys AC1200 Review


    Linksys has released the Linksys EA6300 AC1200, which is an 802.11ac router. It is a fast wireless router with a number of useful features.

    Linksys E2500 Review


    The Linksys E2500 is an economical dual-band router by Cisco. It is an elegant and compact router in the E series of Wireless-N routers introduced by the manufacturer. Compared to the higher-end E3200 and E4200 models of the same series, the E2500 lacks some features, such as a USB port, a Gigabit Ethernet port and support for 450Mbps wireless speed. But the lower price explains the missing features.

    Linksys EA6350 Review


    The Linksys EA6350 comes packed with a variety of features and superior functionality, making it highly suitable for home use. It is a sleek device with two non-detachable antennas at the rear.

    Linksys E8350 Review


    The Linksys E8350 dual band Wi-Fi router is known for its fast performance on the 5GHz band as well as high-end Wi-Fi specs. It is also more affordable than other competing routers on the market.

    Linksys EA2750 Review


    Any home or small business having three to four PCs or other devices that use Internet connections would benefit from using a Linksys EA2750 router. The device offers a nice combination of features at an extremely affordable price. The router is also a worthwhile purchase if devices use Windows 7 or above operating systems. The features are also desirable if you eventually desire to ramp up your service speed or an Internet conversion to IPv6 occurs.