Belkin AC1750 Review


    Not everyone needs a router that can do everything, and most people wouldn't want to try setting one up anyway. That's where the Belkin AC1750 comes in. A basic dual-band router, the Belkin comes with enough extras, combined with ease of setup, to justify the price—but just barely.

    Belkin AC1200 Review


    The Belkin AC1200 comes with all the features of an N600 router. Formerly, the 802.11ac routers were only introduced as N900 routers that would support the 802.11ac standard on their 5Ghz band. The Belkin AC1200 is the first 802.11ac-capable router that only supports dual-stream setup (N600) of the Wireless-N standard. Other than these differences in specs, the Belkin AC1200 resembles the N900 router of the company in terms of features and design.

    Belkin N750 Review


    The Belkin N750 wireless dual band router provides ultra fast wireless Internet speeds of up to 5GHz. It is equipped with 2 USB ports to host a printer or another type of external storage device and legitimate dual band Gigabit Ethernet. The router looks quite sleek and will appeal to just about everyone who uses the web on a computer. It appears almost like a futuristic unidentified flying object when it is positioned upright on its base.