Linksys EA4500 Review


    The Linksys EA4500 is a sleek router that offers a number of unique features aimed at improving networking. While far from being a robust router, it is an economical device designed primarily for the average home user looking to get decent performance from a router that is easy to use. Cisco also introduced the Cisco Connect Cloud software with the release of the Linksys EA4500, which is an excellent software that seeks to improve home networking experience.

    ASUS RT-N66U Review


    The ASUS RT-N66U dual-band wireless-N900 gigabit router brings unbelievable performance and range in coverage in its range. Using ASUSWRT, you can swiftly set-up your network, verify and monitor the signal strength, and tailor user access. Succeeding the prized RT-N56U, the newer RT-N66U escalates your WiFi speeds for the 5 GHz as well as 2.4 GHz transmission by 50% and then up to 900Mbps. Meaning it is the perfect choice for demanding bandwidth responsibilities like high-definition video streaming, gaming with multiplayer functioning capabilities, USB file-sharing as well as USB linked print sharing.