Linksys E1200 Review


    The Linksys E1200 is a basic wireless router well suited for surfing the web and printing wirelessly in the home. This router incorporates five Ethernet ports and meets IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi requirements and offers a data throughput of 300Mbps. It offers backwards compatibility for Wireless G devices. The E1200 is packaged with the router, user guide, setup software, Ethernet cable, and power adapter. The minimum system requirements are an internet browser and a wireless network enabled PC or Mac with CD/DVD drive.

    TP Link WR841N


    The TP-Link TL-WR841ND is an economical router suitable for basic networking needs. It offers 802.11n wireless connectivity and comes at a very affordable price. The configuration options are basic, and the router is not suitable for long range. However, if you're looking for a low cost device for connecting wirelessly to the Internet in an apartment or a small home, then this router meets your needs. You must also be willing to give up on ultra-fast Internet speed when connecting via this device.

    TP Link 300


    From paying bills to catching up on some last-minute work or even just keeping in touch with friends and family through social media, the internet is a must for my household. Having access to go online from my smartphone, laptop or other device is a necessity, and nothing is more frustrating than having a weak signal or, worse, none at all. When internet problems plagued me, the first place I looked was my router. I was in serious need of an upgrade. That's why I decided to take a closer look at the TP-Link N300 router.

    Securifi Almond


    In the routing world, the Securifi Almond has successfully tapped a distinct, competitive edge. Touchscreens aren't commonly seen on routers, but the Securifi Almond is one exception to the rule. It offers a simple, hassle-free way of setting up and managing the router without the need to connect to a PC. The attractive, compact router manages to deliver a stable Wi-Fi signal too.