ASUS RT-AC68U Review


    Asus RT-AC68U provides dual WAN support, so a user can connect to two broadband links simultaneously. This feature can be used to balance load across two broadband connections or to provide backup in case one of the connections drops. This feature will come in handy for business use. The same functionality can also be derived from a 3G/4G USB dongle that may be plugged into one of the two USB ports.

    Linksys EA6900 Review


    The Linksys EA 6900 router was designed to handle multiple simultaneous connections with dual-band capability that ensures users get uninterrupted streaming. The unit is perfect for larger homes needing connectivity for various types of equipment. Gone are the days of Wi-Fi dead spots with a device that provides strong signal even in multiple floor scenarios.

    Linksys WRT1900AC Review


    Consumers who are looking for a powerful router that has a very large Wi-Fi range should look no further than the Linksys WRT1900AC. This particular model performs great and allows for a surprising amount of add-ons and adjustments for advanced home users to use in order to maximize their experience. Compared to other products it is higher priced, but if you are looking for a router that will stand head and shoulders above the competition, it is worth the investment.

    TP Link Archer C2


    Touchscreen capability has quickly become common place across many different technological devices. In addition to smartphones and tablets, touchscreens are now available on routers, which makes configuring and managing networks possible without the need to use a PC. TP Link recently introduced the affordable Touch P5 AC 1900 Wi-Fi Gigabit Router. Equipped with a 4.3 capacitative, top-mounted touchscreen, the router provides quick and easy access to a wide range of controls that may be used in combination with standard, browser-based management consoles. The unit additionally allows file sharing, has media server settings, print servers, enables wireless configuration and WPS matching

    TP Link Archer C9


    The TPLink Archer C9 is designed for high bandwidth speeds, wide-ranging wireless connectivity and seamless management of networks through a savvy mobile application. While the price is slightly higher than its counterparts, it is definitely worth it. It makes streaming videos and online gaming an enjoyable experience with absolutely no hiccups.

    Buffalo Airstation Extreme AC1900 Review


    The Buffalo AirStation Extreme AC1900 represents another Buffalo product that features the 802.11ac wireless standard. A test run is the best way to see if the router performs as well as the specifications promise.

    TP Link Archer D9


    Most people associate TP-Link as a low-cost brand for mid-tier routers that still give users value for their money. The company has emerged from nowhere to earn itself a slice of the market, by designing consistently affordable, high-quality products. The company's Archer D9 wireless router is the best example of that. The router boasts great wireless versatility and performance at price that is much lower than competitive models.

    D-Link DIR-880L Review


    The D-Link DIR-880L is a router that efficiently distributes bandwidth, provides decent levels of speed and assists you in easily monitoring the network through wireless technology.

    Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Review


    The Nighthawk is one of the latest 802.11ac routers available from Netgear. The Nighthawk, which has been given the model name R7000, offers fast data transfer speeds thanks in part to its 5GHz band technology, as well as its built in Quality-of-Service, or QoS, enhancements. Those and other features place the Nighthawk above nearly all the other 802.11ac routers that are now available to consumers on the market.