Belkin AC1750 Review


    Not everyone needs a router that can do everything, and most people wouldn't want to try setting one up anyway. That's where the Belkin AC1750 comes in. A basic dual-band router, the Belkin comes with enough extras, combined with ease of setup, to justify the price—but just barely.

    D-Link Smartbeam AC1750 Review


    The D-Link AC1750 uses the 802.11AC wireless networking standard which offer significant benefits to the users, the most obvious of which is an increase in the potential top connection speed. WiFi devices that use one of the older standards can work properly with the 1750, because the router is fully backwards compatible. That means that whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, the device should be able to connect to the router without any problems.

    ASUS RT-AC66R Review


    Billed as the next generation of wireless routers, the RT-AC66R is one of the most advanced routers offered for consumer use. A fifth-generation dual-band Wi-Fi router, the RT-AC66R offers a unified app that turns it into a personal cloud server. Easy to connect to a variety of devices including smartphones and desktop systems, it allows data to be accessed and managed from virtually anywhere. It utilizes the Broadcom 802.11ac Wi-Fi controller while working in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. With the 5GHz supporting up to 1.3Gbps it currently exceeds Gigabit wired transmission and is three times faster than 802.11n.

    TP Link Archer C8


    The TP-Link Archer C8 is quite the speedy dual band router, capable of providing crystal clear video and audio along with a smooth web surfing experience. Any online task that requires heavy bandwidth can be performed without a problem on the Archer C8. Data transfer speeds can reach up to 1.3 Gbps on the 5GHz band and 450 Mbps on 2.4GHz channel. There's 3 dual band detachable antennas that offer extensive omni-directional wireless coverage. The router is built around a 800MHz dual core CPU. There is 1 USB 2.0 port and 1 USB 3.0 port as well as the standard

    TP Link Archer C7


    The TP-LINK Archer C7 is an affordable and reliable 802.11 AC router that provides excellent coverage, durable external antennas and solid speed. This router is dual band, wireless and pretty much bare bones. It doesn't have the extra special high tech bells and whistles of other routers on the market yet it is quite cheap. It retails for around $100.

    Buffalo Airstation Extreme AC1750 Review


    The Buffalo AirStation Extreme AC1750 is a gigabit dual band router that comes with DD-WRT. It features high speed Wi-Fi connectivity on the 5GHz band.

    Netgear R6400 Review


    The Netgear R6400 is Netgear's replacement for the R6300, which was one of the first routers to support IEEE 802.11ac. The R6400 is good for crowded Wi-Fi networks, and has a theoretical max speed of 1750Mbps. If you want an incredibly fast Wi-Fi network without breaking the bank, the Netgear R6400 is a strong choice.

    TP Link Archer D7


    The majority of home and small business owners probably do not consider replacing the router supplied by an Internet service provider. However, by not investing in an upgrade, you deny yourself the many extended features and enhanced performance that a consumer grade router provides. The TP-Link Archer D7 is an affordable, sophisticated little device that has the capability of providing a more consistent connection at a price that is much less than many comparable models. Typically, a factory model D9 is designed to provide a wireless Wi-Fi Internet connection. However, for a little extra, you can upgrade the device to